About Larry


Larry's Background

Larry was born in southern Idaho and was the 4th of 9 children. He has been happily married to his beautiful wife for 47 years. He has raised two great kids who went to  grade school in the heights and graduated from Skyview High School.

Larry attended the VO tech at Idaho State University and served in the US Army 1969-1972.


Larry's Career

After serving in the military, Larry worked for Cable TV in Helena for 5 years. He was hired by NorthWestern Energy (Montana Power at the time) in 1982 and transferred to Billings in 1987. Larry retired in 2017 after nearly 35 years of work. The last 12 years larry worked as the manager of the telecom department.


Political Experience

Larry was elected to the school board in 1993 served for six years. While on the school board, he served as a board member of the Montana School Boards association with one year as President of the organization.

Larry was appointed to the Billings City Council and served there for 11 years, including as two terms as Deputy Mayor.

Larry has been an active member of the Heights task force since it was founded. He believes it is a great organization that helps people connect on Heights issues.



Larry is also an amature radio operator (AG7OC) and an avid four wheeler of both off road trucks and ATV’s. He has restored 8 Toyota Land Cruisers and a 63 Chevy SWB 4WD fleet side pickup over the years.

He is also an avid fly fisherman and enjoys backpacking across the wilderness. He takes advantage of the opportunity of spending time camping and exploring our public lands in Montana.


Results For Billings

While on the city council, Larry helped accomplish many things including the following:

  • Repaired the street in front of Bench elementary to prevent flooding. 
  • Repaved Lake Elmo Drive between Wicks and Hilltop and included walking paths and crosswalks to ensure children walking to Bench elementary wouldn't have to walk in the street.
  • Put a small bridge over the canal on Bench so the school kids could cross over the ditch without going into the street.
  • Connected Aronson Avenue down to Alkali Creek Road.
  • Rebuilt Alkali Creek road from the school to Airport Road.
  • Worked with the state of Montana to finish Airport Road.
  • Got the city council to agree to build the inner belt loop, and worked to find funding to finish the road.
  • Made improvements to several neighborhood parks.
  • Got a wading spray pad in a Castle Rock Park to replace the old one.
  • Worked hard to make sure that zoning was appropriate for changes in neighborhoods.